Unmet Needs Analysis & Concept Testing. COPD Home Solutions.

Posted on: 15th April 2020

The Client & Business Challenge:
Our client is a world-leading medical technology and services company. Their core business was the provision of respiratory therapies to patients with chronic respiratory diseases in the homecare environment.
Our client wanted to explore additional revenue opportunities outside of this already mature space. Research and development teams had developed a series of innovative, high level concepts which largely related to remote patient monitoring and connected devices. These devices had been around for a while, however tended to be proprietary and therefore were not widely adopted. The client approached us to carry out an unmet needs analysis to understand how they could optimise their business strategy in line with market needs, and whether their solution concepts had potential.

Our Approach:
Following a kick-off meeting, we refined the objectives of the project and defined an agreed statement of work. The outcomes of this project were two-fold; to identify trends, pain points and unmet needs in the field of respiratory homecare and to evaluate and optimise the response to the new solution concepts.
To achieve this, we needed the perspective of healthcare professionals, payers and patients, and in order to achieve this we proposed a 2 phased approach.
The initial qualitative phase consisted of 1 hour and face-to-face telephone and interviews with a range of healthcare professionals (i.e. Pulmonologists, GPs, Homecare Nurses and Payors) across various European markets. This was followed by a 25-minute quantitative survey with patients suffering from COPD to validate hypotheses generated from the qualitative research and test our concepts.
Once both phases of the study were complete, we consolidated the analysis across the different workstreams of the project and produced a report of findings which also outlined our recommendations going forward.

The Results and Impact:
Through combining the outputs of both phases, we were able to make several recommendations in line with our original intelligence objectives.
Response to all concepts were fairly positive, however also prompted a few concerns/questions. We outlined the substantial concerns and gave recommendations on how to address each one.
We also identified key unmet needs in the homecare space, these included, but were not limited to communication between stakeholders and patient education. With this knowledge our client could optimise their existing business strategy and select which solution concepts to focus on.
Our research also gleaned a range of unmet needs in the wider homecare market and on our recommendation, the client began do develop new solution concepts that could address these needs.