Market Assessment, Valuation & Pricing Dental Solution

Posted on: 17th June 2020

1. The Client & Business Challenge

Our client is a global leader in patient monitoring healthcare technology, information systems and services, investigating customer response to a managed service solution for health system wide healthcare informatics.
Our client had recently launched their managed service informatics solution and it was undergoing pilot testing with a limited number of customers. In the meantime, they wanted to explore how the solution could evolve in the mid-term for general release. They had developed preliminary elements of a new value proposition that would expand the current offering, and they wanted to validate these elements with C-suites.

2. Our Approach

Initially we conducted a kick-off meeting with the core project team in order to agree on the objectives and approach of the research. The main outcome of the project was to essentially gather C-Suite feedback on the solution as it currently stood, but to also on 3 areas of development. We wanted to know what the value drivers and concerns were, and to gauge willingness to adopt. We also needed to explore business models and vendor preference.
We conducted 20 1-hour qualitative telephone interviews with C-Suite executives and healthcare IT leadership in 4 countries. Respondents were screened-in based on their hospital size, EMRAM stage and they had to be a key decision maker if their hospital was considering the purchase of a hospital wide IT solution.
Following the completion of fieldwork we begun analysis of the interviews. We analysed each question across countries and produced a report of our findings as well as our recommendations going forwards.

3. The Results and Impact

We were able to make several recommendations to our client in line with our original objectives, specifically in regard to the 3 areas for development.
Respondents had a largely positive reaction towards the solution and development areas, however many also raised a number of specific technical and some commercial questions and we gave recommendations to the client on how to address each one.
We also developed a strategy for our client which outlined which facilities to target based on the respondents’ responses and how to position the solution in order to encourage adoption, including by decision maker type.