bruin biometrics SEM wireless scanner idr medicalA recent study found that the SEM Scanner (Bruin Biometrics; Los Angeles, CA), a wireless handheld scanner, detected pressure ulcers developing under the skin earlier than visual inspection. The results from the study of 182 patients in 12 hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term rehabilitation centers from across the United States and the United Kingdom were presented at the Wound Care: From Innovations to Clinical Trials 2017 in Manchester, United Kingdom. Investigators in the study conducted daily visual skin assessments and scans for up to 20 days and found that the scanner detects pressure ulcers earlier than visual evaluation by nurses.

The developer, Bruin Biometrics, included the study findings in a filing to the US Food and Drug Administration for approval to market the device in the United States. The scanner is currently available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada.


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