• International medical devices manufacturer active in patient monitoring & cardiac care markets looking to optimize channel strategy across specific business segments wants to introduce their new product to the market and assesses the opportunity

Key Objective

  • Provide a market assessment of key technology segments in patient monitoring & cardiac care space (specific to 2 broader portfolios)
  • Identify channel gaps and prioritize areas of opportunity
  • Understand current trends and familiarizing with key players
  • Assess market potential
  • Research market pricing and understanding the impact of the price on positioning and targeting
  • Evaluate challenges to adoption, product perception and insight to price sensitivity


  • Germany
  • UK
  • Nordic region (Sweden, Denmark, Norway)


The project was conducted in 4 phases

  • Phase 1: Set Up & Secondary Research: internal client investigation and desk research
  • Phase 2: Opinion Leader, Competitor & Distributor Interviews: competitor & distributor intelligence gathering & interviewing
  • Phase 3: Qualitative Interviews: customer interviews with key customer segments
  • Phase 4: Analysis & Recommendations


  • Market assessment & forecast
  • Channel gap analysis opportunity
  • Positioning and market development strategy
  • Recommendations on optimal channel strategy


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