• Client investigating novel drug delivery technology as part of a lifecycle management strategy
  • Current product is formulated for IV delivery; new technology would enable subcutaneous delivery of therapy: less painful, time consuming, economic benefits, dosing calculations etc

Key Objectives

  • Test concept with KOL’s
  • Provide recommendations on value perception, pricing, challenges


  • USA
  • Europe (Germany, France)


The project was structured across 3 work streams:

  • Internal Review & Desk Research: kick-off workshop with sponsors, agree objectives and approach, agree interview targets and questionnaire; desk research (map competition, price points, market shares, market trends)
  • Qualitative Study: qualitative interviews in each market with Opinion Leading Physicians. A total of 8 interviews were conducted in each country
  • Consolidate Analysis: consolidate analysis, provide recommendations on market opportunity and potential challenges of launch


  • Report and management summary
  • Market opportunity assessment and challenges overview
  • 1-day workshop at Client’s HQ