• Client considering several options with regards to possible continuous blood glucose monitoring device portfolio and wanted to understand the key requirements/unmet needs and how a proposed product concept (from a potential partner company) matched up to those requirements

Key Objectives

  • Product concept feedback vs. existing technologies
  • Market assessment
  • Barriers to further adoption
    • Financial/reimbursement
    • Product efficacy/relevance
    • Patient tolerance


  • Europe


The project was conducted in 3 phases

Phase 1: Internal Review & Desk Research:

  • Kick-off workshop with sponsors
  • Agree objectives and approach
  • Share internal market data
  • Identify gaps and design questionnaire for KOL research

Phase 2: Qualitative Study:

  • Qualitative interviews with KOL’s in France, Germany, Italy & Spain
  • Department Heads/Chiefs of Endocrinology/Diabetology (8 per country conducted over the phone)

Phase 3: Consolidate Analysis

  • Consolidate data
  • Market assessment
  • Strengths/weaknesses of current crop of products
  • Concept perception


  • Market report in PowerPoint
  • 1-day workshop at Client’s HQ