• Leading international biotechnology company that had developed a novel, targeted therapy to help serve unmet needs of a specific respiratory patient population

Key Objectives

  • Understand physician response to the product
  • Identify key value drivers
  • Understand likely prescribing and referral behaviour
  • Identify potential barriers to uptake
  • Determine how the anticipated price point will impact prescribing behaviour
  • Explore the relationship between price and coverage with payers


  • Germany
  • UK


The project was conducted in three phases:

Set Up:

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Desk research
  • Designing questionnaireand research materials
  • Pilot interviews


  • Desk research
  • In-depth telephone & face to face interviews

Analysis & Delivery:

  • Data analysis and report
  • Recommendations regarding market access and pricing
  • Strategic planning workshop


  • The results provided the client with the necessary intelligence and advice to ensure an optimal pricing strategy in each country
  • Recommendations on pricing strategy in each market
  • Identyfing the major barriers to uptake in each market and giving recommendations on how to mitigate


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