• International healthcare company developing a next generation drug delivery device
  • Therapy Device is indicated for the treatment of hypoxic respiratory failure in ICU & NICU
  • Therapy patent expiry pending

Key Objectives

  • Product development: to develop a next generation drug delivery device that is optimally designed from a for mfactor and feature perspective
  • Protect market position
  • Ensure design of product is optimally suited to the needs of the market and across different care environments


  • Germany
  • France
  • UK
  • Sweden
  • Spain


The project was conducted in 2 phases

Phase 1:

Set Up:

  • Internal interviews: gain internal perspective on G1 device
  • Investigational customer interviews: understand how different user groups interacted with device: assign tasks to each stakeholder group

Usability Lab IDI’s:

  • A series of 2-hour IDI’s (10 per country) were completed, in facility with the device, accessories & simulation user interface onsite
  • Output = R&D Roadmap

14 months later / concept available / IDR Medical reengaged

Phase 2:

Set Up:

  • IDR Medical worked with an expert human factors scientist to review the user interface (areas to probe in research)
  • Agree questionnaire with project stakeholders

IDI’s & Advisory Panel:

  • In depth, 1.5-hour interviews were conducted face to face with users of the device across the main markets (~15 per country)
  • Output = R&D Roadmap


  • Positioning and product development strategy
  • Report & management summary
  • Workshop at Client’s site