Having just delivered an MBC we would like to share with you some of the value it created for our client. Commissioned by the International Product Marketing Team, the conjoint analysis has allowed them to make informed decisions on future positioning, pricing and development as well as communicate credibly throughout their organisation:

conjoint-analysis-conjoint analysis-IDR-MedicalPresentations to Senior Management & Budget Holders:  Facilitated the team to credibly justify requests for financing of future development, marketing and launch planning.  We have found a growing trend in the use and request of conjoint analysis by senior managers, faced with constricting budgets and ever more complex investment decisions. Having the benefit of insight from conjoint, allows them to take effective decisions with confidence.

Strategic planning and forecasting teams: Assessment of future revenue opportunity and ability to defend uptake assumptions through solid understanding of potential future scenarios and competitive threats

Affiliate Sales Teams: Reaching consensus and justifying price setting and sales targets as part of budgetary planning process.

Product Development Team: Understanding the features required for optimal positioning.

Pricing Dept: In-depth understanding of price appropriateness and what product features and services will drive maximal price points

Getting the most value from your conjoint lies in its design. A well-designed study must ensure that features are appropriately represented and focus placed on what is really going to drive consumer choice.  A study, which considers the future and brings in flexibility, allows the simulator to be used again in the future as market events and product features evolve.

Example Simulator

Please contact us for more information on how conjoint analysis and IDR Medical can help you.

North America: Timothy Hertweck, Vice President, IDR Medical Boston, USA: timothyh@idrmedical.com

Europe: Robert Stoesser, Managing Consultant, IDR Medical Basel, Switzerland: roberts@idrmedical.com