Ethicon Endo-Surgery is rumoured to acquire SterilMed. SterilMed provides productsEthicon Endo-Surgery Johnson&johnson family of companies and services including pre-owned equipment sales, equipment repair, and medical device reprocessing which aid healthcare providers to lower their medical device and equipment costs and reduce the amount of environmental waste they generate.

The acquisition allows SterilMed to be a part of the Ethicon Endo-Surgery franchise and it will continue to operate as a standalone company and retain the name SterilMed.

Ethicon Endo-Surgery worldwide franchise chairman and group chairman Karen Licitra said together, they can continue their focus on developing surgical solutions while providing healthcare facilities with a wider range of flexible product options to save money, reduce medical waste, and maintain quality care for patients.

SterilMed chairman and CEO Brian Sullivan said becoming part of the Ethicon franchise will have a positive impact on their business, while also expanding their product portfolio.