Following the recent founding of the US-based conglomerate Alphabet Inc – a.k.a. the parent company to Google – in October, 2015, its research organisation, Google Life Sciences, has now been rebranded as Verily, a synonym of ‘truly’ or ‘certainly’.

The name changeVerily-Google Life Sciences-rebranding is part of the company’s strategy to “reveal a true picture of health and disease” and “promote preventative and proactive healthcare”, which in real terms translates to tracking disease and healthcare metrics to develop more personalised treatments that allow earlier intervention compared to conventional therapies.

Essentially, Verily hopes that by uncovering the definition of “healthy”, they will be able to create individualised treatments.

Verily certainly has big plans in terms of medical technology innovation and application. Work has already begun on developing ‘smart’ contact lenses with partner Novartis that will allow people with diabetes to continually monitor their glucose levels non-intrusively by measuring glucose in their tears. They have also begun development of a spoon for people with tremors and recently obtained two patents for a needleless blood-drawing device and a new laser ablation system.


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