Insulog, a device that connects with all major disposable insulin pen brands to display most recent injection data, paired with its app to display entire injection history in order to better manage diabetes, is today announcing the unveiling of its smart, connected insulin tracker. The device will soon be made available via Indiegogo, to bring its technology to the masses.

Diabetes can be a difficult condition to manage, and constantly sticking yourself with needles, and remembering what you ate isn’t easy. The worst part is, remembering if and when you took your last dose of insulin and how many units you injected. A lot of outdated solutions currently exist, many of which, still require users to input data manually or write it down.

Insulog’s patent pending technology is small enough to fit on your insulin pen and go in your pocket, and is equipped with a smart sensors that resets each time a new dose is administered. When the device is turned on for reuse, it displays data from the user’s most recent dose, clearly displaying when the user last injected, and the quantity. Paired with its app, users can view their entire injection history and can share it with their physician for better diabetes management. Insulog’s battery lasts five-to-six days and is fully charged in less than two hours via micro USB.

“I created Insulog after I accidentally over-injected myself with insulin, which required emergency assistance. Now, I am hyper-alert of my insulin intake, and Insulog helps me to never make that mistake again.”  “There are hundreds of millions of people in the world who could greatly benefit from Insulog” said Insulog CEO and Founder, Menash Michael.

Here’s how it works:Insulog-innovative-insulin-device

  • Snap Insulog onto a disposable insulin pen, switch it on, and inject the insulin.
  • Each time a new dose of insulin is injected, Insulog automatically resets and displays the most recent injection data, including the time lapsed since the last dosage and the number of units administered.
  • Insulog uploads this data to its mobile application via Bluetooth technology.
  • Users can view Insulog’s app to view their entire injection history and are able to share this with their physician at any time to fully manage their diabetes.


Article from the official Insulog Press Release