Customer segmentation analysis is a technique that can be used to determine how a medical device company allocates resources, structures its organisation and prioritises investments.

We help med-tech companies determine which customers represent their priority targets utilising needs-based, behavioral-based, and/or other segmentation methodologies.

IDR Medical frequently use Chi-squared Automatic Interaction Detector (CHAID) to perform multi-dimensional market segmentation research. CHAID is a technique that is used to identify and quantify groups and subgroups with a propensity to engage in specific behaviour (i.e. product usage level, purchase intent).

IDR Medical device market segmentation research allows our client to accomplish the following:

  • Identify priority segments to target and plan resources accordingly
  • Determine the optimal value proposition for different customer groups
  • Understand how to build and leverage brand equity

Feel free to visit our Case Study section to learn more about the medical device market segmentation services we offer.

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