Patient Flow Analysis

Understand how to influence your patient populations as they progress through the healthcare system, to drive market development and take share.

Our deep clinical expertise, blended with primary and secondary market research, is leveraged to create market insights and recommendations that facilitate strategic and tactical decision making.

Identify leverage points that drive market development

Our patient flow projects map and quantify how patient populations progress through a healthcare system.  They provide a granular understanding of the decisions and choices taken along the way and how these influence the branches or pathways patients follow.

The objective is to identify attitudes or behaviors that can be modified or influenced, that will change the flow of populations to favor a particular therapy, device, referral pathway or diagnostic test.

Our patient flow studies provide clear and actionable recommendations as to which behaviors in the treatment pathway our clients can modify to maximize product uptake and drive sales.

Achieve your most challenging goals...

If you’re looking to uncover hidden insights and turn them into tangible, strategic recommendations, IDR Medical can help.

Case Studies

Explore our case studies focusing on patient flow and workflow analysis.

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