Unmet Need Analysis

Our approach at IDR Medical provides a comprehensive understanding of unmet needs in healthcare to identify clear opportunities that drive value creation.

Our team have decades of experience in unmet need analysis

IDR Medical have developed a comprehensive methodology, based on qualitative and quantitative market research with customer stakeholders and client workshops to identify unmet needs that drive winning innovation.

We look beyond the limitations of incumbent products and services

To really understand unmet needs in healthcare, we believe that research needs to explore more than customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with existing solutions. 

Our approach goes beyond exploring the limitations of incumbent products and focuses on the tasks that your customers need to achieve, and the pain points they experience. 

This allows us to uncover unmet needs in healthcare, unconstrained by the boundaries of incumbent technology and helps our clients understand how they can help their customers better achieve their goals. 

Project outputs include a clear map of unmet needs by customer touchpoint that shows our client exactly where to focus and what to do to create value. 

IDR Medical’s unmet need analysis projects provide a reference dataset and toolkit that can be used by product management, marketing and research teams to guide winning med-tech innovations and product/portfolio roadmaps.

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Case Studies

Explore our case studies focusing on unmet need analysis to discover how we have supported our clients to succeed in the past.

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