Value Proposition Development

We use tried and tested medical market research techniques to develop and refine high impact value propositions.

The key to success

To optimise the opportunity for a new medical device, it is critical to communicate a validated value proposition to potential customers.

Optimise the opportunity

For maximizing success of a new medical device, it is critical to develop and communicate a meaningful value proposition to potential customers. The goal is to create a simple, overarching message that will clearly articulate what your brand, product or service delivers in a way that is meaningful across priority market segments. By doing this it will ensure that the product leverages its features and benefits, avoiding inappropriate categorization where price becomes the main differentiator.

Our research approach typically starts with qualitative open projective techniques. We focus on the commercial realities of the product proposition and the stage of the product development lifecycle, moving towards more structured techniques and quantitative testing of prospective messages.

Achieve your most challenging goals...

If you’re looking to uncover hidden insights and turn them into tangible, strategic recommendations, IDR Medical can help.

Case Studies

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